Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Before Tee Off

Our view of the golf course while having breakfast was really worth the 2 hours drive. How  I wish I can buy a house here and spend a few days of every month waking up and playing in this course.

At 6:30 am, hole number one is still covered by a thin layer of fog. It is pleasantly cold out there and with the hint of sunlight in the horizon, we all know that it is going to become a nice day. The sun will shine very brightly and the temperature will be warm but not too much. 

My buddies and I discuss whether we would use a golf cart during the game but eventually, we decided to go for a leisurely walk.

Ahh, golf! What a way to commune with nature!

Please click the photo to enlarge and enjoy the photos. Please seek permission from golfers.golfer at gmail dot com before using my photos.  Thank you!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Changing Golf Swings

Looking back, I modified my golf swing so many times but the changes sometimes brought me back to some of my previous swings. Just recently, I successfully tried a Tiger Woods golf swing (please refer to the Tiger Woods Golf Swing Video below) but in the process of perfecting it, I came upon a similar method which I have already used before. Armed with better knowledge, I will try to use that kind of swing (again).

This method does not actively use the arms in the golf swing but instead, it relies upon the hip turn to swing the golf club forward. The result is a near perfect circular swing that gives both great distance and accuracy to the drive. What made me think of reconsidering this swing is the minimal body movement required. In this sgolf wing, there is very little knee movement and almost no use of the arms. The only driving force is the hip turn which should be easy to memorize. Please check out the next video (below).

I noticed that whenever I skip a few days in the range, my muscle memory becomes unreliable and tends to make me do a few extra moves which greatly decrease both the accuracy and distance of my golf drives Therefore, using a golf swing that requires little body movement seems like a very good idea as far as my physique is concerned.

I will try to use this swing method in the driving range today and let’s see what will happen. 

To end this post, the best golf advice that I have received came from two excellent golfers. The first is my golf buddy who preaches that;
“Different people have different body types and what is a comfortable to one individual might not be much of a fit to another”. 
He therefore, tells his friends to find their own natural swings and polish it in a manner that is comfortable to them. The other advice came from the great Tiger Woods who similarly said…..

I will write about this golf tip in a few other articles.
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