Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Golfing Weekend

I haven't had the chance to bring my golf driver to the driving range so I have not fine tuned my swing to it. Despite that, I used the driver in two golf games and somehow, I now have an idea of how to effectively use it.

Last Sunday, I availed of a 50% green fee discount  in a local golf course when I tee’d off at 3pm. There was a nice slash in the fee because the golf club offers a “Twilight Rate” for those starting at 3pm. We played fast and finished the entire 18 holes with still enough daylight left. I had a nice massage in the locker room and all in all, it was a nice day and I went home happy.

I hope that your weekends will be as nice if not better than the one that I just had. Here is a view from the tee box of a Par 4 stage that I played last Sunday. It is quite  short for a par 4 but it doglegs' to the left and there's a deep pond (90 yards in length) just before the green. The photo is a bit dark for I took at at 5PM. I will look for other photos of this hole and post it here.


  1. I always wanted to try golfing, but never got a chance. I'll probably try when I have the time

  2. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the visit and yes, try learning golf. It's very relaxing and in the long run, it will be very good for you.

    See you often in this space.

  3. I am not sure my Golf game is relaxing...but it is certainly a fun way to spend your down time!

  4. Hi Leslie!

    Well, golf can be unnerving when you're game is not going through, as planned. I had that kind of game today but still, it was better than a day in the office. And yes, I had fun!!!

  5. Nice! Where is this place? :)

  6. Hi K,

    I think it's the 10th hole of the Camp Aguinaldo golf course. I have photos of more scenic courses in this blog. Please check it out and enjoy.



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