Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jimenez with his 61 and the lowest golf scores in the world

Miguel Jimenez has just scored a very low 61 to take the lead in the Omega European Masters in Switzerland. Upon hearing of the news through CNN, I marveled how a player can possibly score that low. I was once on the same flight with a player who scored 76 and that was the lowest that I have ever seen up close. In televised golf competitions, the lowest scores that I remember are mere 65’s and 66. I then thought that Miguel Jimenez must be some kind of a superman.

Miguel Jimenez
But upon searching the net for the lowest recorded scores, I realized that Miguel’s 61 is nothing compared to the countless 58’s (scored by pros), a few 57’s, a 56, and Homero Blanca’s 55 on 1962. It is also worthwhile pointing out that Homero Blanca got the all time lowest golf score in the world while playing as an amateur. He scored 27 on the front nine and a 28 at the back.

For more details, please refer to this link.

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