Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Aid for a Deteriorating Golf Swing

Last week, I played from Wednesday to Sunday and noticed that my drives deteriorated by the day. Back at home, I rotated my wrists, made slow imaginary swings and noticed that there's some discomfort in my wrist. This is probably causing me to swing differently resulting to bad drives.
My first solution is to avoid using the driver. Golf drivers and fairway woods are much heavier than irons. They are also more difficult to control. Rather than waste a shot with a bad slice or even two shots because of an OB, I decided to exclusively use my irons. The distance with the iron may be shorter compared to drives using golf drivers but the iron's accuracy is more important. Besides, everything becomes even after two shots. I normally need a driver and  a 9 iron to hit a 360 yard green. With the irons, I would normally just use my 4 or 5 iron twice and get the same distance! In addition, most people are more accurate with their irons than when using the driver.

The second solution is to take a few days rest. It's now Thursday and I will hit the driving range only now, after resting my wrists for three full days. Bad swings can be habit forming and one needs to forget it before going back to the basics.

Third Solution. If my drives remain bad despite the rest, it's probably time to consult a swing pro. In less than an hour, he would have identified my problem and given the necessary corrections. If I still want to do a self study, all I need to do is video tape my swings and examine it for flaws.

Happy golfing!

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