Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barney Adams "The Wow Factor"

I used an Adams golf club for the first time at the Orchard Golf and Country Club. I wasn't exactly having a good game and my clubs seemed to look very ugly. My concentration was very bad that I was unable visualize being able to hit the ball straight.With golf being a game of concentration and confidence, it wasn't surprising when I hit vicious curves (slices) one after the other.
That was until I saw the club being used by a golf buddy (flight mate). His swings looked effortless but his balls were long and straight. Being used to the shape of most hybrids, I noticed that what he had looked quite different. I asked to check his 7 wood and was an Adams Golf. I used it in my next tee off and noticed that my swing felt effortlessly beautiful and my ball was straight. I attributed it to the shape and weight of the club head. From then on, I became a fan of Adams Golf clubs. Looking it up; I found out that a lot of PGA pros actually use Adams Golf.

Below this post is a link to a book written by Barney Adams, the fine gentleman who founded the company that manufactures the fine Adams Golf clubs. Entitled,”The Wow factor: How I Turned One Great Idea and My Unbridled Enthusiasm Into a golf revolution” talks about golf and his business success formula.

Please check this link to read the entire book (Free!).

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