Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Aid for a Deteriorating Golf Swing

Last week, I played from Wednesday to Sunday and noticed that my drives deteriorated by the day. Back at home, I rotated my wrists, made slow imaginary swings and noticed that there's some discomfort in my wrist. This is probably causing me to swing differently resulting to bad drives.
My first solution is to avoid using the driver. Golf drivers and fairway woods are much heavier than irons. They are also more difficult to control. Rather than waste a shot with a bad slice or even two shots because of an OB, I decided to exclusively use my irons. The distance with the iron may be shorter compared to drives using golf drivers but the iron's accuracy is more important. Besides, everything becomes even after two shots. I normally need a driver and  a 9 iron to hit a 360 yard green. With the irons, I would normally just use my 4 or 5 iron twice and get the same distance! In addition, most people are more accurate with their irons than when using the driver.

The second solution is to take a few days rest. It's now Thursday and I will hit the driving range only now, after resting my wrists for three full days. Bad swings can be habit forming and one needs to forget it before going back to the basics.

Third Solution. If my drives remain bad despite the rest, it's probably time to consult a swing pro. In less than an hour, he would have identified my problem and given the necessary corrections. If I still want to do a self study, all I need to do is video tape my swings and examine it for flaws.

Happy golfing!
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Golfing Weekend

I haven't had the chance to bring my golf driver to the driving range so I have not fine tuned my swing to it. Despite that, I used the driver in two golf games and somehow, I now have an idea of how to effectively use it.

Last Sunday, I availed of a 50% green fee discount  in a local golf course when I tee’d off at 3pm. There was a nice slash in the fee because the golf club offers a “Twilight Rate” for those starting at 3pm. We played fast and finished the entire 18 holes with still enough daylight left. I had a nice massage in the locker room and all in all, it was a nice day and I went home happy.

I hope that your weekends will be as nice if not better than the one that I just had. Here is a view from the tee box of a Par 4 stage that I played last Sunday. It is quite  short for a par 4 but it doglegs' to the left and there's a deep pond (90 yards in length) just before the green. The photo is a bit dark for I took at at 5PM. I will look for other photos of this hole and post it here.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bought A New Golf Driver

I used to have an aversion  to Golf Drivers. I had a very good swing using my irons but with the golf woods and driver, I was very lousy. Just this year, I took a few lessons and all of a sudden, my golf drivers and woods had become my favorite tools.

In fact, my last two posts are all about my driver and my quest for that elusive perfect swing. I am currently visiting pro shops, chatting with the pros and trying to find remedies to my golf driver that will make it a lot easier for me to hit the ball long and straight. While I still intend to do that, the hidden shopper in me came out and as a result, I now have a new driver!

I will be swinging both my new and old drivers in the golf course today and I will be reporting my observations in this site.

Enjoy golfing!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Experimenting with Lead Weights

My experiment with lead weights is not yet over and I will add a bit more of it on my driver. I also realized that the lead weights that I bought are not the type that should be installed on drivers. It is actually the kind that a golfer installs on his putter.

The lead weights for putters are a bulkier while the ones for drivers are thin and looks like an ordinary tape. The problem with lead weights for a golfer's putter, when installed on drivers is that they get dislodged upon the club head's impact on the golf ball.
That's one golf lesson that I learned today.

Will keep you posted.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Using Led Weights To Cure The Golf Slice

Going to the golf courses or driving ranges with friends enable me to enhance my knowledge of golf equipments and proper swings. For instance, I seem to be having trouble using my new driver and with the help of a friend, I realized what was wrong with. I the driver quite effectively during its first 2 weeks but all of a sudden, I started experiencing the golf slice. In rare moments of self analysis, I started to suspect that my club head is too lightweight for my fast swings. I therefore need to swing using only 70% of my normal speed to be able to get it straight and evade the golf slice. The problem with this is consistency. Whenever I get tired, my body finds it hard remembering how fast or slow my swing should be.

Yesterday, I went to the driving range with a friend. The guy had a built and swing speed similar to mine and therefore, we can each others golf clubs. A full speed ,my drives were slicing as usual when I thought of using his driver. My drives became all of a sudden consistently straight and not even one sliced. When I moved back to my current driver, I immediately felt that the club head is way lighter and once again, I experienced the slice. 

That's when somebody suggested that I use lead weights? With nothing to lose, I am trying a Pro’s suggestion to use lead weights. Since my balls hook to the right, I installed lead weights on the heel of my club head. I am told that it will not completely cure my problem but it will help. Of course, I will have to experiment on the amount of lead weight that I will use. I should be careful not to put too much or too little.

Let’s see what will happen.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jimenez with his 61 and the lowest golf scores in the world

Miguel Jimenez has just scored a very low 61 to take the lead in the Omega European Masters in Switzerland. Upon hearing of the news through CNN, I marveled how a player can possibly score that low. I was once on the same flight with a player who scored 76 and that was the lowest that I have ever seen up close. In televised golf competitions, the lowest scores that I remember are mere 65’s and 66. I then thought that Miguel Jimenez must be some kind of a superman.

Miguel Jimenez
But upon searching the net for the lowest recorded scores, I realized that Miguel’s 61 is nothing compared to the countless 58’s (scored by pros), a few 57’s, a 56, and Homero Blanca’s 55 on 1962. It is also worthwhile pointing out that Homero Blanca got the all time lowest golf score in the world while playing as an amateur. He scored 27 on the front nine and a 28 at the back.

For more details, please refer to this link.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barney Adams "The Wow Factor"

I used an Adams golf club for the first time at the Orchard Golf and Country Club. I wasn't exactly having a good game and my clubs seemed to look very ugly. My concentration was very bad that I was unable visualize being able to hit the ball straight.With golf being a game of concentration and confidence, it wasn't surprising when I hit vicious curves (slices) one after the other.
That was until I saw the club being used by a golf buddy (flight mate). His swings looked effortless but his balls were long and straight. Being used to the shape of most hybrids, I noticed that what he had looked quite different. I asked to check his 7 wood and was an Adams Golf. I used it in my next tee off and noticed that my swing felt effortlessly beautiful and my ball was straight. I attributed it to the shape and weight of the club head. From then on, I became a fan of Adams Golf clubs. Looking it up; I found out that a lot of PGA pros actually use Adams Golf.

Below this post is a link to a book written by Barney Adams, the fine gentleman who founded the company that manufactures the fine Adams Golf clubs. Entitled,”The Wow factor: How I Turned One Great Idea and My Unbridled Enthusiasm Into a golf revolution” talks about golf and his business success formula.

Please check this link to read the entire book (Free!).
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